6 media planning rules you should break

Here at Kantar Media, we power informed decisions. Part of our effort to do that involves bringing you the latest industry insights, both from us and from the media planning and buying world at large.

Recently iMedia Connection posted a very informative piece that we felt would be relevant to SRDS.com users. In the article Jay Friedman challenges some outdated ideas that still exist in the industry and explains how they could be holding you back if you're not thinking more critically. Friedman offers insights on topics that are likely already familiar, but it's a good reminder that we could all use some fresh ideas from time to time.

One particular rule ("Take a meeting with almost any digital media vendor. You could be missing something.") resonates in particular with us, since we built an entire database (the SRDS.com Digital Networks & Tech service) to help you objectively evaluate ad tech vendors without having to constantly pick up the phone or accept meeting requests.

We encourage you to check out the the full article for more specific thoughts on how to break old school rules on annual planning, consumer profiles, digital media and more.

As Friedman says, "Change is hard, but those who want to be better than their peers and win in the market will find a way and inspire those around them to join in." We believe that education is your first step in making that happen. You should also routinely weigh all of your media buying options to the best of your abilities and there's no better way to do that than by signing in to SRDS.com today!   

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