6 reasons to explore digital audio advertising

Newspapers, radio stations and magazines are still adapting and rethinking their business models in response to the digital revolution of the last decade. For most, there still isn’t a clear-cut answer as to how to fit into this new digital world, satisfy their audience and make money.

But digital audio is really making things work, according to Rockie Thomas. Thomas penned an opinion column over at iMedia Connection last month. She discusses digital audio advertising and says that we’re “finally seeing the perfect ad storm forming.”


If you listen to Pandora or any digital radio, then you know that you’re not just listening to music, you’re also listening to ads.  According to the article:

 “Research from comScore finds 27% of mobile subscribers have listened to music on their mobile devices.  We no longer need to clutter up the mobile screen with companion banners, pure digital audio advertising is clean and effective. Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman summed up the synergy on audio and mobile best when he said, ‘There’s probably no product category that fits mobile on a content basis better than radio because the screen’s very little, it goes dark as soon as you turn your head, but it continues to give me audio so I think we’re tailor made for it.’”

Here are 6 perks of buying digital audio ads:

  1. Digital audio is very popular. According to the post, “Recent research from Alan Burns and Associates show 25% of those surveyed stream music on a smartphone daily; weekly usage grows to almost 40%.”
  2. People constantly consume it. Think about all the things you do in your day while listening to music. “This ‘constant’ consumption helps increase ad effectiveness.  Recent research from TargetSpot and Parks Associates show both ad recall and response have increased 11% since 2011 to 58% with digital audio advertising,” says Thomas.
  3. There are now ways to track audio ads, so you have the metrics your executives crave.
  4. People use digital audio on their phones and tablets, but the ads don’t need to be on the screen. Audio ads are effective enough.
  5. Some people already use digital audio in their car and in the next couple years more and more cars will have smartphone integration, which is a plus for mainstream advertisers.  
  6. Thomas says that digital audio buys are similar to video and graphic in that they are CPM-based with listen-through rates metrics and post engagement tracking. Adding digital audio ads won’t require learning a new language.

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Have you had any experience with digital audio advertising?

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