7 reasons media companies work with SRDS.com

Since 1919, we have collected and curated advertising data from  media brands , and then delivered it to media buyers and sellers, hence our tagline “Where Media Decisions Are Made™.” We’ve always covered top media types. At first, newspapers, magazines and billboards, but as new media channels sprung up, we added them to our database. Over the decades, we've added radio, TV, direct marketing, the internet, tablet apps, digital ad networks and ad exchanges.

We have data on more than 125,000 media properties in our multimedia online planning platform! Our scope is a big reason planners and buyers rely on SRDS.com to find, consider and understand media brands for their integrated campaigns.

All media companies, brands and publishers should know that a basic SRDS.com profile is free, but is your data is current and complete? If your data or contacts are out-of-date, media planners can’t contact you for more information. Email our data team here to see your listing.

If you’d like to take your SRDS.com presence one step further and make a bigger impact with our users, we encourage you to explore our premium data and marketing services such as premium profiles, display ads, event sponsorships and much more. Here’s why so many media brands choose to reach their targets through SRDS.com.

  1. SRDS.com premium listings deliver higher search ranking and more compelling, actionable data in results and your profile. Maximize your presence and ensure that users understand and interact with your brand. Watch this video for a quick overview of the premium data advertising media brands can submit to leverage their SRDS investment.
  2. As part of a premium listing, display ads allow you tell your sales story 24/7: before, during and after the RFP. Make your statement in the competitive, multimedia world. Media buyers develop integrated plans from a media landscape that is more complex than ever. Make sure you stand out in SRDS.com.
  3. Our creative team can build your Video Media Kit to bring your brand to life in an engaging medium, where plans are made. Our kits pull your existing video into a simple interface that appears in your SRDS.com listing and search results, or even on your own website, connected to your social media and ready to download. It's like taking your editor and publisher on each sales call, so you deliver a consistent message about your complex brand offering.
  4. Get into the minds of your prospects. We can reach out to our audience of agency media professionals and get answers to your big questions through custom surveys. Better understand the perceptions and reputations of your brand, your competitors or your sales teams. We can provide trends on markets and media types, where budgets are moving and the future health of the media.
  5. Do you have a tablet app? The SRDS Tablet Media Library includes 600+ apps that accept advertising. When you run an Essential Tablet Solution, your app will be highlighted with icons in your SRDS.com listing and search results, and will appear at the top of the Tablet Media Library. You can link media buyers directly to sales info about your apps. People exploring this ad medium will see you as a leader.
  6. Want face-time with Chicago & NYC media planners and buyers? Sponsor the SRDS Media Mixology Series. It’s a chance for sponsoring media brands to hang out with media buyers and planners—the people who are too busy to take a meeting with your reps. Young media professionals come to network and enjoy drinks and food in a cool venue.
  7. In short, advertising in SRDS.com works! As one client said, “SRDS has consistently driven us new business. For example, one of our better clients, a new Florida company, was looking for advertising solutions. Their response to our ad resulted in dynamic results for them & and significant revenue for us. With SRDS, we’re seen by the media buyers who make the decisions. SRDS works.”

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