Ad network vs. Ad exchange

If you’re confused about how a network and exchange differ, you wouldn’t be the first. There’s definitely some overlap, and some companies even offer both services, further blurring the lines in digital advertising. But even though a network may perform many of the same tasks as an exchange, there is a difference.

The difference is that ad networks aggregate ad inventory from publishers and resell it to advertisers, making them a key player in the transaction with something to gain. An ad exchange is a marketplace where publishers and advertisers can find and make advertising deals, similar to a stock exchange. It does not play a role in the actual transaction.

A network will control all pieces of the marketplace, while the exchange is an agnostic platform. The majority of networks restrict each transaction to three players: a buyer, the network and a seller. In comparison, while the network acts on behalf of buyers and sellers, an exchange offer a technology platform where advertisers, publishers and even networks can buy and sell ads. Every impression can have many traders.

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