AmazonBasics Tops all Battery Brands in Search Results

Last week Kantar Media published a study finding Amazon private label brands at the top of the search results on for a variety of health and personal care products, including over-the-counter allergy and cold medications, vitamins, baby wipes, lotion and laundry detergent.

This week we turn our attention to a staple of the household product category, batteries.

Using our eCommerce Search Ad Insight solution, we viewed an analysis of sponsored and organic listings displaying for 14 popular battery-related keywords in search results from August 23 through September 22, including ‘aa batteries’, ‘aaa batteries’, ‘batteries’, ‘rechargeable batteries’ and ‘d batteries’. As part of the analysis, the tool produced a ranking top 10 brands based on factors including the percentage of time the brand was found in the top 3 positions on the first search results page, the brand’s average page position and the number of the brand’s listings found.

Far and away, the top brand on battery keywords during the 30-day period was AmazonBasics, one of Amazon’s first and most successful private label brands.

AmazonBasics batteries displayed in the top 3 positions 53% of the time for the 14 battery keywords we studied. Its closest competitor during the period was Energizer, which displayed in the top 3 positions 33% of the time. For additional comparison, the remaining brands in the top 10, including EBL, Rayovac and Duracell, displayed in the top 3 positions on the search results page an average of just over 1% of the time.

Providing additional insight into Amazon’s advantage, we found AmazonBasics products appeared in 3,123 sponsored listings during the period, far more than any of its advertisers, who have to pay to sponsor listings and do so because sponsored listings most often appear at the top of the page where searchers are more likely to see and click on them. For comparison, Energizer appeared in just over 2400 sponsored listings, while Rayovac appeared in 585 sponsored listings and Duracell appeared in just 16 sponsored listings.

For non-Amazon battery brands, these findings point to a considerable hurdle when competing for visibility in Amazon search results, since more often than not the top positions on the page are occupied by Amazon’s own house brands.

What’s more, that conclusion takes on greater significance when considering Amazon’s prominence in the battery category within online retail; according to research firm 1010data, 94% of online battery sales take place on

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