Mother’s Day 2015 - Flowers & Gifts in Paid Search

More than two-thirds of consumers will purchase flowers for mom this Mother’s Day, totaling some $2.4 billion, according to the National Retail Federation.

Flowers & Gifts retailers, naturally, are trying to get their share of this windfall via Paid Search advertising campaigns.

In the following chart, AdGooroo ranks the Top 20 Flowers & Gifts advertisers based on paid search activity on 1,751 keywords related to flowers and gifts on U.S. Google during the two-week period from April 20 to May 4. (Note: Advertisers in this ranking may be sponsoring additional keywords that if measured would alter the figures contained in this report.)

Mother's Day Flowers Top 20 Advertisers 2015_AdGooroo

To a large extent, the battle to reach Mother’s Day flowers and gift shoppers on the search engines is centered on three individual advertiser sites. takes the #1 spot with $1.636 million in Paid Search spend during the two-week period, barely edging out ($1.634 million) but handily surpassing ($1.2 million).

However, the story shifts somewhat when considering parent companies and recent industry consolidation.  FTD Companies-owned sites in the Top 20, including ProFlowers, and (Shari’s Berries), together totaled nearly $2.4 million in Paid Search spend on the keyword group, surpassing 1-800-Flowers’ namesake site, as well as its recently purchased food and gift retailers and, which together totaled just over $2 million. Tenth Avenue Commerce’s From You Flowers and remained in the third spot with nearly $1.3 million in Paid Search spend during the period.

You Don't Send Me Flowers Anymore

One notable trend is the inclusion of 8 non-floral advertisers in the Top 20. ­For instance, there are four Food & Gift retailers on the list, Edible Arrangements and the aforementioned, Shari’s Berries and Harry & David. The presence of such advertisers in the ranking underscores both changing consumer purchase habits with regard to mail order gifts and the strategic thinking behind the recent acquisitions of Food & Gift brands by floral industry giant FTD.

The other non-floral sites include gift-oriented sites and, as well as Etsy and Amazon. Floral retailers may not consider these two ubiquitous retail hubs direct competitors, but they are most definitely competing with Amazon and Etsy on Google for keywords related to flowers, Mother’s Day gifts and wedding gifts and decorations.

Product Listing Ads Blooming

Mother's Day Flowers PLA Example 2015

Mirroring search advertising trends we found in other industry categories such as Jewelry, Flowers & Gifts advertisers are spending more on Product Listing Ads than traditional Text Ads. During the two week period studied, the Top 20 Flowers & Gifts advertisers spent a total of $3.7 million on Desktop Product Listing Ads compared to $2.9 million on Desktop Text Ads and $600,000 on Mobile Product Listing Ads compared to $300,000 on Mobile Text Ads. From You Flowers, in fact, devoted 76% of its paid search spend to Product Listing Ads during the period, while ProFlowers and 1-800-Flowers dedicated 72% and 61% of their spend to PLAs, respectively.

Top Keywords

Mother's Day Flowers Top 20 Keywords 2015_AdGooroo

The above chart ranks the Top 20 Keywords among the 1,751 Flowers & Gifts keywords based on Desktop Text Ad spend on U.S. Google from April 20 to May 4, 2015. Advertisers spent the most on 9 generic flowers keywords, including ‘flowers’ ($1.2 million) and ‘flower delivery’ ($287,000). However, there were 8 keywords in the ranking not specific to flowers, including 2 Edible Arrangements brand keywords totaling nearly $208,000, 3 generic Mother’s Day keywords ($136,000) and ‘chocolate covered strawberries’ ($125,000). The other branded keywords in the ranking included 2 ProFlowers terms ($105,000) and ‘FTD’ ($32,000).

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