Amazon Drives Gaming Chair Shoppers to Its Site, Where Homall Is the Top Brand

In the lead-up to the holiday season, this week Kantar Media looks at paid search advertising on gaming chairs—the special, ergonomically designed seats that keep video game players comfortable for hours of continuous play and enhance the experience with built-in audio technology and other features.  As part of the study we analyzed paid search activity on the keyword ‘gaming chair’ for both US Google and Amazon during the month of October 2018.

Amazon Dominates Google Shopping Ads

In Google search, we found a pronounced dichotomy in the type of advertisers sponsoring product listing ads (PLAs) and traditional text ads.

Within PLAs, the top 10 advertisers were all prominent online and multichannel retailers, which is logical considering Google Shopping Ads cater to larger shopping sites with a deep inventory of products.

Of those, Amazon was the clear winner, generating nearly 43% of all desktop PLA clicks and 27% of all mobile PLA clicks on the keyword ‘gaming chair’ during October.

The competition was not close. Ranked second, Walmart gained a healthy 10.4% desktop click share and a 13.5% mobile PLA click share, while Hayneedle achieved a 4.9% click share for desktop PLAs and a 7.1% click share for mobile.

Brand Manufacturers Top Text Ads

Within text ads, the top advertisers were almost all gaming chair brand manufacturers rather than the third party retailers who sell them. In fact, Amazon was the only the top 10 PLA advertisers who also appeared in the top 10 for text ads, ranking seventh in both desktop and mobile with a respective 2.2% and 2.7% click share.

Competition was more even in text ads than in PLAs, but still concentrated among a select few. Need for Seat led in desktop text ads with a 32.4% click share, while ranking third in mobile text ads with a 20.1% click share. OPSEAT topped mobile text ads with a 30.7% click share, while ranking second in desktop text ads with a 22.6% click share.

Raynor Gaming took the third spot in desktop text ad clicks (11.2% click share) while fairing less prominently in mobile text ad clicks (3.7% click share). Similarly, RESPAWN ranked second in mobile text ads with a commanding 21.3% click share while ranking seventh in desktop with a 2.2% click share.

The Top Gaming Chair Brands on Amazon


Amazon put forth a herculean effort to drive gaming chair shoppers from Google search pages to its own website in October. The following analysis ranks the top brands shoppers found in Amazon search results when they got there.

Specifically, we ranked the top 10 brands displaying for the keyword ‘gaming chair’ based on factors including the percentage of time the brand was found in the top 3 positions on the first search results page, the brand’s average page position and the number of the brand’s listings found.


Homall was the most visible gaming chair brand in search results in October, displaying in the top 3 page positions on the results page 15% of the time when the keyword ‘gaming chair’ was searched, followed closely by Ficmax at 13%. GTRacing, BestMassage and LCH rounded out the top five.

BestMessage and BestOffice did not sponsor/pay for listings in October, instead ranking among the top 10 brands by having highly relevant organic listings. In contrast, we did not find any organic listings for HappyGame and HugHouse, who made the top 10 based solely on their sponsored listings.
For HugHouse, in particular, that strategy may be paying off, as it had an average listing position of 1 during the month, meaning it often displayed in the very top position on the page. For comparison, the other 9 advertisers had an average page position of 12.
On the lower end of paying advertisers, we found just 3 and 2 sponsored listings for GTracing and Furmax, respectively during the month, while Ficmax was the top advertiser by volume, with 97 sponsored listings.
Notably, none of the top 10 gaming chair brands on Amazon appeared among the top 10 advertisers on Google, indicating these brands are concentrating their advertising on Amazon rather than extending their efforts to Google.

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