Paid Search Advertising on Photo Books Increases 49% Over 2015

Yesterday we looked at the Flowers & Gifts category for Mother’s Day. Today we turn our attention to another category that is likely to be a popular Mother’s Day gift, Photo Books.

We were actually surprised to find Snapfish among the top Paid Search advertisers on the non-branded Flowers & Gifts keywords we examined in yesterday’s research blog. However, upon closer inspection we found Snapfish made the ranking on the strength of its sponsorship of only the Mother’s Day-specific terms in the keyword group and not any Flower-related keywords.

In an attempt to a make a pure examination of the Photo Books product category, for today’s research we focused only on U.S. Google desktop text ad activity on 303 non-branded Photo Book-specific keywords.

As an overview, we found the category is experiencing strong growth in Paid Search advertising. According to AdGooroo data, advertisers spent $884,000 sponsoring the 303 Photo Book keywords from January through April this year, a 49% increase over the same period in 2015, when advertisers spent $594,000 on the same keywords.

The following chart details the top advertisers by Paid Search clicks on the Photo Book keyword group from January through April 2016.

Photo books - top advertisers 

Shutterfly and its premium Photo Book site led the category in the first four months of 2016, accounting for a 14.49% and 11.92% share of Paid Search clicks, respectively. However, there was strong competition for Photo Book clicks during the period from Walgreens, which had an 11.07% click share, (10.2%) and (9.66%).

Joining Walgreens in the list of top Photo Book advertisers were two other retail chains, Walmart (2.28% click share) and CVS (1.49%) and Target (1.36%), however their performance was not as strong. Worth noting, out of the retail chains, only Target had a specific site dedicated to photo products,

Otherwise, was the only competitor among the top Photo Book advertisers by click share that was not solely dedicated to Photo Books or other photo products.

Returning to Snapfish, the company did not appear to focus significant resources to sponsoring the 303 Photo Book keywords we studied during the period, generating just a 1.34% click share.

Top Keywords

Photo books - top keywords 

The above chart ranks the Top 20 Photo Book keywords by Paid Search clicks from January through April. The top two keywords, ‘photo books’ and ‘photo book’, together garnered more than 76,000 clicks during the period, more than all of the remaining Top 20 keywords combined.

The Top 20 keywords had an average cost per click of $3.95. The keyword ‘best photo books’ had the highest average CPC, while the term ‘mini photo books’ had the lowest CPC, $1.64.

The average clickthrough rate for the Top 20 Photo Book keywords was 3.59%, with the term ‘professional photo books’ generating the highest average CTR, 4.9%, and the #3 most clicked keyword ‘photobook’ experiencing the lowest average CTR. 2.2%.

Note: The results of this report are limited to the 303 non-branded Photo Book keywords. Advertisers may have sponsored additional keywords during the period that, if measured, would alter the findings of this report.

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