The Most Clicked Advertisers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Keywords, 2017

Earlier today AdGooroo examined paid search activity on Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2017 Retail Leaders in Paid Search Advertising over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend. Now we turn our attention to performance on Black Friday- and Cyber Monday-specific keywords, analyzing U.S. Google desktop text ad click share on 164 non-branded Black Friday terms such as ‘black friday’ and ‘black friday deals’ and 74 non-branded Cyber Monday terms, including ‘cyber monday’ and ‘cyber monday sales’. 

Performance on Black Friday Keywords

Black Firday Paid Search

Walmart dominated the field with a 25.7% click share on the Black Friday keyword group. JCPenney was a distant second with a still strong 11.5% click share, followed closely by home appliance brand Dyson (10.8%), as well as online security software brand Norton (8.7% click share) and Best Buy (7.7% click share) in the top five.

Performance on Cyber Monday Keywords

Cyber Monday Keywords Paid Search

Walmart and JCPenney both had a very strong performance on Cyber Monday keywords, capturing 18% and 16.8% of text ad clicks on Cyber Monday-related terms, respectively. However, it was Best Buy that led on the keyword group with a 19.7% click share on the Cyber Monday keyword group. Kohl’s (11.9% click share) and Macy’s (10.5% click share) rounded out the top five. Sears nearly cracked the top five with 10.3% click share.

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