Halloween Decorations in Paid Search Advertising and Beyond

According to the National Retail Federation, U.S. consumers plan to spend $2.7 billion on Halloween decorations this year. To assess which advertisers are poised to reap the benefits of this seasonal splurge, Kantar Media ranked the top paid search advertisers based on each’s share of total clicks on 10 Halloween decoration keywords, including ‘halloween decorations’, ‘halloween inflatables’, ‘halloween animatronics’ and ‘halloween lights’, from September 1 through October 9.



Overall, we found just 5 advertisers in the top 3 rankings for text ads and product listing ads across desktop and mobile search, representing specialty retail, home décor, home improvement and mass retail.

Within product listing ads, Spencer Gifts-owned specialty retailer Spirit Halloween was the most clicked PLA advertiser for both desktop and mobile search, gaining 21.6% of all desktop PLA clicks and 18.2% of mobile PLA clicks on the 10 Halloween decorations keywords during the period.
Within text ads, omnichannel home décor seller Kirkland’s led all advertisers in desktop clicks with a 20.1% click share, while also ranking fourth in mobile text ad clicks with a 7.6% click share.

Home improvement retailer Lowe’s led in mobile text ad clicks with a 20.6% click share, but did not rank in the top 10 for any of the other search formats/devices.


Product listing ads displaying on US Google desktop search on the keyword ‘halloween decorations’.

In contrast, rival The Home Depot had a strong showing in product listing ads, ranking third in desktop PLA clicks (13.2% click share) and second in mobile PLA clicks (17.4% click share).
Online giant Amazon appeared in the top 10 advertisers for both search formats, but fared better within text ads, ranking third in desktop clicks (15.1% click share) and second in mobile clicks (17.1% click share).
Online home décor retailer Grandin Road had perhaps the best all-around performance in paid search; it was the only advertiser in the top 3 for both search ad formats (PLAs and text ads) and both devices (desktop and mobile), ranking second in desktop PLAs with a 17.4% click share and third in mobile PLAs with a 12% click share, as well as ranking second in desktop text ads with a 17.5% click share and third in desktop PLAs with a 13.4% click share.

Beyond Paid Search

In addition to paid search, Kantar Media examined advertising for Halloween decorations across a variety of other media, including television, print, radio and online display.

In all, we found far less advertising devoted to Halloween decorations per se, which is perhaps not all that surprising given the seasonal focus on candy and costumes. Of the $28.1 million in total Halloween advertising that we measured from September 1 through October 9, just $3.4 million was devoted to ads that included promotions for Halloween decorations.

Of that amount, only two advertisers figured prominently. The Home Depot was responsible for $2.1 million in ad spend for a television spot that included Halloween decorations among other seasonal items available at its stores, while collectibles seller The Bradford Exchange, which ranked among the top 10 advertisers for desktop and mobile product listing ads, spent $1.1 million exclusively on print campaigns promoting its “Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas”-themed Halloween decorations.

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