Top Toy Advertisers in Paid Search, Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2017

Continuing AdGooroo’s examination of paid search performance over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend, we turn our attention to the toy category, examining U.S. Google desktop text ad and product listing ad clicks on 895 popular toy keywords, November 24-27, including ‘legos’, ‘playstation 4’, ‘nerf guns’, ‘xbox one’, ‘baby alive’ and ‘barbie’.

Toy Ads Paid Search

Retail Leaders

Amazon led all toy advertisers in text ad clicks over the extended weekend, capturing a 23.1% click share on the 895 toy keywords, but did not fare as well in product listing ads, where the online giant ranked 5th with a 3.1% click share.

Reversing roles, Walmart topped all product listing ad competitors on the toy keyword group, achieving a 15.4% click share, but ranked 8th in text ads with a 2.9% click share. Similarly, Target ranked 2nd in PLAs with a 9.1% click share but ranked 10th in text ads with a 2.8% click share.

Many eyes will be on Toys “R” Us this holiday season after the venerable toy and children’s goods retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September. Toys “R” Us had a very strong paid search performance over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend, balancing its results across both text ads, ranking 2nd with an 11.4% click share, and product listing ads, ranking 3rd with an 8% click share.

Kohl’s also showed strong, balanced results during the long sales weekend, ranking 4th in both text ads and product listing ads with a respective 6.9% and 6.1% click share.

Toy Brand Leaders

Retailers were not the only ones showing up on the search engines from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Toy brands, which themselves offer shoppers the ability to purchase merchandise on their sites, also figured prominently in the paid search competition. Lego led all toy brands—and the majority of retailers—in text ad clicks, ranking 3rd with a 9% click share on the 895 toy keywords, followed by Xbox (4.7% click share) and its parent company Microsoft (2.9% click share), Hasbro (4.4% click share), Mattel (4.4% click share) and Playstation (1.8% click share).

Within product listing ads, Mattel gained a 1.7% click share on the toy keywords. By nature, product listing ads favor retailers with a deep inventory. Hence, we did not see toy brands as the top of PLA results as we did in text ads. Mattel was the only toy brand to gain a PLA click share above 1% on the toy keyword group over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend.

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