Adults more likely to return to healthcare sites if info is easy to find

Almost one in four adults say they use the Internet one or more times per week for health information. For pharma marketers and others, it has become increasingly important to create content on their websites that will not only be appealing for their prospects but so useful that the users return to their sites.

So, what prompts repeat visits to healthcare websites? Above all, consumers want their sites to include information that is easy to find as well as understand, according to Kantar Media’s 2013 MARS Online Behavior Study.

Attributes that were the least likely reasons for adults returning to health websites were "offering chat capabilities" and "website has relevant advertising."

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The MARS Online Behavior Study helps the industry make better decisions about how to incorporate online into pharmaceutical and OTC marketing strategies. The MARS Online Behavior Study is fielded as a re-contact among the MARS Core respondents who said they accessed the Internet in the last 30 days.

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