Advertisers, get your money back if...

Ad network Jun Group understands that advertisers often have a difficult time trustingnetworks and publishers. That’s why it’s now offering a money-back guarantee if it delivers undesirable ad types, including pop-under ads, autoplay videos, phony impressions and ads on ghost sites.

The Jun Group campaign, “Clarity,” promises advertisers total transparency and control to see where your ads are running.

Jun Group isn’t a tiny player in the game either. The network distributes videos on premium content, apps, music/entertainment platforms and social games. Its clients include MicrosoftAllstateJim Bean and Cadillac. The publishers in the company’s portfolio include DisneyForbesFood Network and others.

According to AdWeek:

“Besides promising clients that nothing bad will happen with their ads, Jun's new pledge (100 percent viewable, 100 percent opt-in, 100 percent guaranteed) is tied to the release of a new analytics product.”

The product allows advertisers to look up where each of their ads is running or has run. It also gives them the ability to allocate their budgets toward desired sites.

Jun Group isn’t the first network to guarantee high-quality placements. In 2008, Undertone Networks began a program in which it promised advertisers a refund of up to $50,000 if ads didn’t appear on high quality digital publishers.

Undertone Networks don’t state how many of these refunds have actually been delivered, but you have to think that it must be pretty tough for an agency or advertiser to find their ad running on “poor-quality” sites. It’s not like those are the sites they visit on a daily basis or that they have the time to surf for them.

So while it’s unclear how effective these pledges and guarantees are or will be in the future, they do seem to offer some measure of clarity that’s not easy to find among many networks.

Advertisers/Marketers: Does a pledge like this make you more willing to work with an ad network?

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