Amazon Prime Day Ad Spend Trends

Amazon Prime Day came and went with big sales, mixed reviews, and leading up to it — a lot of promotion. We took a look at ad spend during the week leading up to Amazon Prime Day to see what approach the online retail giant took.

Amazon Prime Day took place on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. During the week leading up to Prime Day, Amazon used a multi-channel approach for all of its advertising. The bulk was spent on advertising Prime Day, which largely went into Cable TV, Network TV and Local Radio.

Breakdown of Amazon Ad Spend July 6 - July 14 2015
Breakdown of Amazon Ad Spend

Amazon spent $4.8 million on Television collectively. Of this, $4.6 million went into the promotion of Prime Day, which was advertised as "having more sales than Black Friday". This was an increase of over 1000% from the week prior, where advertising was almost non-existent.


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