Are 8-second ads the wave of the future?

Last week we posted about some of the uncertainties that come along with  mobile video advertising . While solutions might be hard to come by, one Pandora exec might have an answer. Pandora's chief revenue officer, John Trimble, recently hinted at what he believes the sweet spot for mobile ads could be. He states,

"As the competition for consumers' attention heats up, we're focused on developing ad products that are good for both advertisers and listeners...Looking ahead, I could envision video and audio ads as short as eight seconds being something advertisers and listeners will be interested in."

Does he have a point?

Well, Trimble does have some experience in this realm and it has come about through working with a lot of different ad formats. Last year Pandora launched Sponsored Listening, which is a format that allows listeners to enjoy an hour of ad-free music in exchange for viewing a short video promo. Testers of this include Bud Light, Fox and Sony PlayStation, and it doesn't seem like a bad idea. However, these promos can last up to two-and-a-half minutes, which gives listeners ample time to check out or get distracted before their music starts. Capturing attention is extremely difficult these days and advertisers may be missing out on connecting with multitaskers. 

Trimble still shows confidence in the Sponsored Listening format, but the fact that he's making a case for shorter spots tells us that he knows something about the way consumers process mobile ads. Currently Pandora does not have any immediate plans to sell 8-second spots, but as they continue seeking out ways to reach millennials and younger users, don't be surprised if this changes soon. 

For more on this, check out the full story on AdWeek  

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