Atlas: the future of cross-platform targeting

As more adults shift from the TV to the smartphone to tablet and back again throughout their daily lives, the ability to use data (not just cookies) to create a cross-platform campaign is something that could be real very soon.

Facebook recently re-launched Atlas, the ad server the company acquired from Microsoft last year. Atlas allows brands to track users (through Facebook data) across multiple devices and set up targeted ad campaigns. It can also determine if a product was purchased on a desktop after viewing an ad on a mobile device. That’s a huge deal to buyers. Programmatic is about using technology to get the right message to the right person at the right time – and cross-platform campaigns have the ability to benefit brand interactions significantly. Omnicom is Facebook’s first major Atlas partner, two of the company’s clients - Pepsi and Intel - will be two of the largest brands to test out Atlas immediately. Keep an eye on Atlas in 2015.

The other major player in digital advertising is Google, which targets primarily based on cookies. Google+ hasn't helped the company solve the log-in authentication service that is critical to Facebook. It will be interesting to see how many advertisers jump on Atlas, and what its future holds.

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