Behavioral targeted ads on digital radio

Online advertisers and publishers have been using behaviorally targeted ads to track, reach and serve ads to their target online demographic. It’s about time that digital radio got into the game.

According to an article by PaidContent, marketers will soon be able to target online radio listeners based on their Internet browsing habits. Currently, you can only track this user base by zip code and gender.

This important development is the result of a deal between radio service provider Triton Digital and data provider eXelate. Marketers and advertisers shouldn’t disregard this agreement. It will have a big impact on advertising plans and results—and not just for sites like Pandora but for traditional radio station sites as well.

For example, if I’m looking at an exercise website, the next time I’m listening to my Classic Rock Pandora station, I may hear an ad from a local fitness center.  Or if I’m searching for a good Mexican restaurant in my area, a targeted audio ad might come up for Chipotle.

Mike Agovino, Triton Digital COO, told PaidContent that radio ads represent a $17 billion industry but one that depends on archaic metrics and that offers little accountability to ad buyers. He believes that letting brands sell to listeners based on their Internet browsing behavior will drive automated ad buying and grow the value of the radio ad market.

Marketers/Advertisers: Will you be more willing to advertise on digital radio now that you can target your ads? 

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