Beyond look-ups: using SRDS reports for media buyers

Every so often I hear from print or broadcast buyers who are still only using SRDS to look-up contacts. Particularly since the re-launch of reports in June, the majority of buyers using SRDS are using us for much more than look-ups. For instance, do you ever need to collect contact information for Radio or TV Stations in a market or series of markets? How about getting traffic information for TV stations? How about print rates? Or print contacts? Column sizes in Newspaper? 

Before reports, putting this together would have taken hours (at best!), having to manually copy-and-paste the information into a spreadsheet or document. For qualified agency clients with reports enabled, it can take mere minutes. 

Let's try an example. Say you want all the TV stations in the Chicago DMA.

  1. Click TV & Cable Media, then select TV Stations
  2. Select the Chicago DMA
  3. Click "Select All" on each page of your results
  4. Click Reports. Choose Contact Report to export topline contact information for these stations to Excel, or Detailed Report to export more station contacts and include traffic detail.

Boom: minutes versus hours! 

You want all Radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers for a market or series of markets?

  1. Click Local Media by DMA
  2. Select your market (or series of markets)
  3. Click Newspapers, Radio, and TV as your media types
  4. Click Reports. The only options for all media is Contact Report—for Detailed Report, go to the left side of screen and select each media type and run the Detailed Reports one at a time.

Again, boom! Reports make this possible in minutes instead of hours, whether you're a media planner or a media buyer.

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