Can media deliver long-term success for brands in a short-term world?

Richard AsquithIn a world where media investments are increasingly influenced by views, clicks, actions and other short-term effects, how can data and insight help rebalance the budget to deliver long term brand success? We recently convened a panel discussion with senior leaders from the media ecosystem to discuss just that!

Richard Asquith, Chief Product Officer, Kantar Media

Broadening the definition of measurement

The role of media measurement in a fragmented eco-system

Whilst audience measurement has historically focused on industry agreed metrics to measure reach and frequency, it’s clear the research industry is being challenged to broaden that definition. What is causing this to happen?

Jean-Luc Chetrit, Director General of the French Advertisers Association (UDA) and a member of the World Federation of Advertisers believes that, with consumers in more control of their advertising experience than ever before, measuring each media in isolation is no longer enough. We need to look at all media across the spectrum to get a holistic view: “Measurement needs to evolve to enable advertisers to concretely understand how exposure across all platforms converts to sales. But it’s not only about convergence: the industry needs more confidence in all forms of measurement and how we can ultimately consistently compare KPI’s across a media plan.”

The call for media measurement to expand and re-define itself is not new; it’s a natural evolution. Kantar Media’s role is to accommodate as much of this proliferation as we can. Our media measurement blueprint outlines our methodological approach as TV measurement evolves to match the digital ecosystem.

Whilst the ambition from advertisers for brand metrics to be incorporated in an expanded currency is certainly evident, it’s not a view shared by everyone. Other forms of co-ordination need to be considered if the industry is to meet the advertisers goal.

“Most measurement forms now need to be prepared to expand; in Norway we see a need more than ever to expand TV to Video, Radio to Audio and ultimately measure everything. But, whilst we need to ultimately measure everything I don’t see the industry adopting a brand measurement form within the currencies themselves”
Kristian Tolonen, NRK

Since early 2018, Kantar Media has been measuring all TV and Video content in Norway, wherever it’s consumed. The measurement system that delivers the TV currency in market is the most advanced hybrid model for TV and video measurement yet seen in the world.

And new developments include the work Kantar Media is doing with the US media and entertainment industry.  The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has adopted Kantar Media’s audio watermarking technology as the open standard for binding standardized Ad-IDs to ads and standardised EIDR program names to content. This will ultimately enable faster and more accurate tracking and measurement of content and ads across media and will open the door to a myriad of innovative applications for greater viewer interactivity and advanced advertising.

“The importance of this to the media industry and its potential for spurring further innovation is a much-needed next step in bringing both content creators and advertisers closer to securing a faster and more accurate view of audience engagement across all devices.”
Jane Clarke, CEO and managing director, CIMM.

So, with the desire from many to evolve media measurement and achieve a balanced view of all platforms, how do we ensure consistency and transparency in how it’s all measured?

Should different forms of data be part of the same system?

Alex North from Facebook believes so.

“Absolutely. Digital media owners work with advertisers of all sizes - from small enterprise brands to global consumer brands to deliver insights into their audience. So, the ability for the industry to use first party data alongside third party solutions presents a real opportunity.”
Alex North, Facebook

Trust in the data is paramount.

“Third party providers like Kantar and Nielsen are trusted by media owners to provide data that adopt an accurate, auditable and transparent approach. These form pillars of the currencies used and endorsed by the industry. As a public service broadcaster, we have 25 years of audience research data that demonstrates if consumers use our content they trust us.”
Kristian Tolonen, NRK

“In a post GDPR world we need to be more stringent than ever in how data is being used and integrated in a privacy safe, trusted environment”.
Alex North, Facebook

Measuring ROI is advertisers’ biggest priority

“When we survey our members, measuring their return on investment remains advertisers’ biggest priority” remarks Jean-Luc Chetrit. “Whilst tools continue to advance, we need to expand the industry’s capabilities. With the support of partners like Kantar Media we’re advancing standards to deliver this.”

Advertisers want to measure both the short-term and the long-term impact. Facebook is looking to measure the long-term effects of advertising from their platform but, as Alex North points out, we need confidence that the methodology is robust.

“Whilst it possible for Facebook to measure the long-term effect of advertising, the methodology must be robust … [that’s why we’re continuing to].. invest in research partnerships and econometric modelling, but these solutions are only as good as the quality of the data that goes in”.
Alex North, Facebook

ROI doesn’t necessarily mean drowning in more data!

“The challenge has never been the amount of data. Advertisers continue to look to agencies to provide a strategic trust mark for the consumer – to ensure that our clients are talking to consumers at the right time, at the right place, in the right way.”
Mick Mernagh, Mediacom.

As consumers adopt new technology and advertisers increasingly run integrated cross-media campaigns, the need to advance media measurement has never been greater. Innovations of late including the expansion of mobile search and programmatic advertising data in the US and cross-platform TV measurement in the UK, Norway, Canada, Turkey and Hong Kong.  

The demand for comprehensive and insightful media measurement has never been greater – Kantar Media is committed to developing our methods and technology and working with our clients and industry partners to deliver it.

Our DIMENSION study exposes consumer attitudes and behaviours towards different media forms and commercial messages as well as insights into how the industry is grappling with the challenges of a data-dominated world. DIMENSION 2018 1 Mining for meaningful data

The Cast

Vala MagnadottirAlex North is Head of Marketing Science Solutions & Partner Development at Facebook.

Jerry DaykinJane Clarke is Chief Executive and Managing Director of CIMM, the Coalition for Innovation in Media Measurement.

Jean-Luc ChetritJean-Luc Chetrit is Director General of the UDA (L'Union des annonceurs), the advertisers association in France.

Kristian TolonenKristian Tolonen is Head of Research at NRK, the Public Service Broadcaster in Norway.

Mick MernaghMick Mernagh is Global Head of Insight at Mediacom.

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