CMAG 2018 Midterm Report Card

With a hotly contested Midterm election just days away, Kantar Media CMAG identified the total and top spenders across the nation in a year that has seen unprecedented spending. Here are the highlights:

  • Democrats need 23 seats to take control of the House, and with 60 seats still in play 2018 has become one of the most competitive and expensive elections for House seats in history.
  • Broadcast TV spend is up nearly 30% ($2.7B) over the 2014 election. Cable spend will top $1B this year, a 70% rise from 2014.
  • From a messaging perspective, Democrats are consistently relying on the affordable health care theme, while Republicans are focusing on immigration control and support for the Trump agenda.
  • Many eyes are on the FL governor’s race, where Ron DeSantis (R) and Andrew Gillum (D) are head-to-head. This battle could end up smashing the record for spending in a Governor’s race, with over $100M spent in the primary alone. The Florida Senate match-up between Bill Nelson (D) and Rick Scott (R) has exceeded $100M as well.

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