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Control over ad placement and context has become increasingly important for digital advertisers. After all, we've all seen those horror stories about terrible ad placements.

It was this concern that led the IAB to launch a Quality Assurance Certification for ad networks and exchanges in 2011. While not every brand requires that the vendors they work with be certified, for some highly regulated industries, like financial services, it may be a necessity.

The new Digital Networks & Tech Database at allows agencies and marketers to take the guesswork out of identifying and evaluating the top networks, DSPs and ad tech companies. If your client requires IAB certification, you can filter networks by that designation and dig deeper to find the right vendors for the campaign all in one place.

Not all IAB certified vendors are alike. Some focus on video, others emphasize performance marketing and others may have limited pricing options. In, you can easily compare IAB certified vendors by services, specialty, platforms, formats, rates and more. Take your vendor research process one step further and truly determine which fits best for your campaign’s objectives.

Another important designation to marketers and their agencies is whether a network is one of the comScore Top 20. We provide insights on those vendors as well in

Agencies can find out a network’s monthly reach, the sites they served ads on and how to get in touch with their sales teams. All of these points help paint a more complete picture of vendors you may be evaluating without having to conduct dozens of Google searches. Plus, as the Top 20 are updated every few months, that data will also be reflected in

When you’re looking for information on the top digital networks, is the best place to start your search. users can sign in now to start browsing .

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