COVID-19 and the evolution of healthcare professionals

COVID-19 is changing how doctors interact with patients, but what are the implications for the information sources and channels traditionally used to make decisions? Will the move to digital resources and tools be permanent or will doctors return to pre-COVID behavior once the pandemic eases?  A new special report from Kantar, "Accelerating Change: COVID-19 and the evolution of healthcare professionals", looks at prior year insights along with new COVID-19 data from their annual Digital Insights and Sources and Interactions Studies.

Here are some of the questions the research addresses:

Interactions with patients: Is telemedicine going to become a replacement for many in-office visits? If not, what barriers would prevent widespread use?


Online reliance for practice management and use of digital health tools: How have doctors’ opinions on/use of digital health tools as part of patient care changed as a result of COVID-19? Some doctors are quickly adopting new tools that provide monitoring of vitals to maintain the highest level of patient care possible.


Conferences and Meetings: What happens when in-person conferences move online? Prior to COVID-19, doctors planned to attend two out-of-town conferences. Digital alternatives for these traditionally in-person events have mixed attendance:

Interactions with Pharma and Device Sales Representatives: How can sales representatives best reach doctors when personal interaction has been severely limited? What formats are most credible? The value of in-person sales representatives is high compared to online. Additionally, digital resources have not replaced in-person visits.  

Interested in how certain specialties are impacted by the pandemic? Get in-depth research on the topics above and much more across 20+ physician specialties. If you'd like to learn more about accessing the full report "Accelerating Change: COVID-19 and the evolution of healthcare professionals," please contact us at for more information or download our latest Study Content Directory here

Data cited in this article:

  • Kantar Medical/Surgical Physician Sources & Interactions Reports, 2020 Study
  • Kantar Media Medical/Surgical Digital Insights Report, 2020 Study




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