Decision 2016: Brands compete for attention this election cycle

For good reason, there is enormous interest in tuning in to tonight’s debate. Off the debate stage and on the airwaves, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have already been going head-to-head for months. And with over 80 million viewers expected to tune in tonight, the first debate between the two candidates is anticipated to be the most watched debate in history. That would make the debate second only to the Super Bowl in viewing audience, and would put it well ahead of 26.5 million who watched the Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

The 90-minute debate itself will have no ads, but brands are eager to capture viewers’ attention during the pre-show and post-debate analysis which will be running on many networks. Brands like Audi and GoDaddy are expected to debut new ads, on networks such as CBS, CNN and Fox, for example.

Other brands like Budweiser, Snapple and have already been getting in on the action with their own election themed creatives, using different messages to tie themselves to the presidential race.

Budweiser used celebrities Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan to campaign for “The Bud Light Party” as the political party to join this election season.


Snapple is using the election introduce limited time red and blue flavored iced teas for what’s being called “Teacision 2016.”

VimeoId-184408529 ads featured spokesperson Captain Obvious running for president and using to book rooms along the campaign trail.


We’ll be monitoring all of the ads during the pre and post-debate coverage to see who’s competing for attention and who’s spending the most, on what is expected to be one of the most viewed time slots this year.

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