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This morning we re-launched the digital media planning tools in to include the industry's first objective database of over 150 Digital Networks & Ad Techcompanies in addition to the 20,000 websites that users can already find, consider and understand for direct-to-publisher buying.

Users can sign in to now to take the guesswork out of identifying and evaluating networks, DSPs and other ad tech companies. More importantly, you can go beyond word-of-mouth and your agency's preferred list to objectively compare vendors and assess their fit for your campaign goals.

Ever visit a network or tech supplier's website and still not be sure what they do or what they offer? Ever need to quickly pull together a point-of-view on a company for colleagues or clients?

Our in-house digital data experts have spent hundreds of hours writing and curating descriptive profiles for every company listed in the database. Never again will you have to hunt down clear, concise descriptions for what networks and tech vendors do and what makes them different.

In addition, each profile includes 30-80 standardized data points, making it easier-than-ever to distinguish between vendors.

  1. Understand the options a vendor offers for targeting, including demographic, behavioral, contextual, geographic, psychographic, retargeting and more. If site selection is important to your client, evaluate companies based on site transparency, blacklisting and site cherry picking/whitelisting.
  2. Discover the different digital platforms a vendor offers its services on, includingdesktop, mobile, tablet or connected TV. Then find out what display and video formats they offer, whether it be Flash, rich media, pre-roll, overlay and much more.
  3. In need of a specific rate structure? Search ad tech companies by the pricing models they offer, including CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV and others. Plus, access information about a vendor's minimum buy and cancellation policies.
  4. In the ad tech landscape, transparency is critical. Explore the sites that many networks have served ads on, based on proprietary technology, including 80% of the comScore Top 20 networks.
  5. Skip the search engines and use to access contact information for the right personnel at the various networks you're considering for your campaign. users can sign in now to start exploring digital networks and tech companies orwatch the video below for a quick walk-through of how to get started.

YoutubeId-0a-keYFwPcg If you're interested in accessing Digital Networks & Tech in, email or call 800.232.0772 ext. 8025.

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