Digital & branded editions boost newspaper circ

The past six months have seen modest growth in newspaper circulation, both in print and in digital, boosted by digital subscription packages and the increased adoption of tablet apps.

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations:

"On average, digital circulation now accounts for 14.2 percent of newspapers’ total circulation mix, up from 8.66 percent in March 2011."

Quoted in the New York Times, ABC Interactive EVP Neal Lulofs, said:

“It means, over all, less focus and importance placed on paid print circulation and this transition to a more broader look at cross-platform readership.”

Branded editions also play an important role. As ABC reports, branded editions (commuter, community, alternative-language or Sunday-Select type newspapers) make up 4.5 percent of newspapers’ total average circulation.

June Levy of SRDS wrote a short piece in March on how to use SRDS to find a newspaper brand's total circulation, including branded editions, and of course, finding print and digital circulation information for newspaper media is easier than ever in the new SRDS platform.

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