Display ad unit match-up: button 1 120x90 vs. button 2 120x60

For this month's digital ad unit spotlight, we're focusing on two of the smaller players - in size, that is. Though the  Button 1 (120x90)   and Button 2 (120x60)  are two of the more undersized banner sizes you'll find out on the Web, they're both relatively popular - and even more popular than some of the largest sizes, like the Super Leaderboard (970x66).

Here are a few insights on these two banner ad sizes:

  1. Button 1 was the 10th most popular display ad size running on SRDS.com website listings in September. About 9% of websites are running an ad in this size. Button 2 isn't far behind; it’s the 15th most popular ad size in September, running on 6% of listed sites.
  2. Though Button 1 is a more popular display ad unit, it's actually been delisted by theIAB. Button 2, on the other hand, is IAB-Standard, but listed in the "Other Ad Units" category instead of the Universal Ad Package of the Display Rising Stars. The vast majority of Button 1 and Button 2 ads are Flash: 89% of Button 2 ads and 86% of Button 1 ads.
  3. Even when taken together, the Button 1 and Button 2 display ad units make up an extremely small share of the total number of ads running on SRDS.com listed sites - about 3.4%. However, Button 1 has seen a 16% increase month-over-month in total number of ads run with that size while Button 2 shows a 6% decrease.
  4. Both of these display ad units are most often found on local radio, cable and newspaper websites. Examples of sites running a Button 2 banner ad are 100.3 Jack FMCountry Gazette and Seafood Source. Sites currently running a Button 1 ad include Ground Support WorldwideDelaware County Daily Times and Miami Art Guide.

This is a pretty even match-up; but Button 1 continues to be more popular although it’s no longer part of the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio.

We’ll continue to monitor any trends or changes we find in digital ad sizes and make sure to post about them, so check back often!

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*Research Methodology:  Kantar Media SRDS uses third-party real-time technology to detect the ad units and formats running on websites that accept advertising at various times during a given time period. This analysis was conducted by applying this technology to 15,595 websites (and 65,890 online ads) during September 2013.

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