Do you heart “I ♥ NY”?

I love NYWhen I first saw this PRNewser article via Mediabistro about changing the “I ♥ NY” logo, my first reaction was, “What?! Why? How could you?!” If you have a symbol widely known and easily recognizable throughout the world, why would you change it?

In a campaign by BBDO, there’s a fun play on the logo replacing the ‘♥’ with different items that show all that NY has to offer – hot air balloons, beaches, vineyards, Niagara falls, etc. See the new ad here or below.

I started wondering why I had such a strong reaction to the NY logo change (I’m from Chicago, after all), and thought, why do we care when companies or organizations change their logos? Remember the 2010 Gap logo controversy that sent preppy fans into an uproar? It was a great example of consumers taking to social media to voice their opinions on a brand. Gap quickly went back to its iconic elegant, white-on-blue serif logo.

Maybe it’s because we live in a state of continual change and evolution that we cling to those icons – those logos – that represent something we’ve always known.

Are you quick to welcome change from your favorite brands, or do you prefer the steadfast images you're familiar with?


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