Doctors Rank Professional Portals as Most Important Information Source

Patient Portal


Professional portals were used by 93% of doctors on an average of 140.9 times annually. Professional portals are support platforms where physicians can connect with one another to evaluate clinical decisions – popular examples include UpToDate and Medscape. They are also the top information source in terms of importance among the physicians surveyed in Kantar Media's Sources & Interactions Study, September 2015: Medical/Surgical Edition.

Doctors reported accessing Mobile Apps to reference drug information around 145 times per year, which is down from an average of 158 times per year measured in the March 2015 study. In terms of reach, mobile apps trail professional portals by 14 percentage points.  

Kantar Media’s Sources & Interactions studies power informed decisions on healthcare professional promotional mix strategy for marketers and agencies, and provide medical publishers and content providers with actionable data on where their offerings fit into healthcare professionals’ information inventory. 

The Medical/Surgical edition of the study, conducted every six months and based on input from more than 3,000 physicians across 22 specialties, documents how doctors prefer to learn and keep up to date on medical developments through media, meetings, sales rep interactions and more. Sources and Interactions provides critical insight into how to most effectively engage physicians and reach them with news, educational content and promotional messaging.  

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