Doctors' use of professional social media varies geographically

Web based communication and social media are a continually developing medium. In the healthcare sector, physicians and patients count on the digital world (including social media) to learn, connect and share knowledge. According to Kantar’s Physicians Medical/Surgical Sources & Interactions 2019 International Edition, 86% of doctors from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK go online professionally multiple times per day. Additionally, across the five European countries measured, results range from 54% to 79% saying they have used a professional social network (e.g., Medscape Consult, Sermo, Univadis, etc.) within the last six months. Can pharma companies make use of online resources to market and communicate business to practitioners across Europe?

Note: The ranges listed below are among the five European countries measured. In a survey of 1,800+ physicians, Kantar found that the European physicians surveyed: 

  • Consider online professional sources (e.g., medical society websites, disease-specific websites, mobiles apps, webcasts, videos, etc.) to be very important in helping them to stay well-informed about new medical developments – scores range from 54% to 71% 
  • Agree that physician-based social communities or networks are important – scores range from 23% to 56%
  • Have been exposed to social communities/networks (physician-based) daily – scores range from 14% and 26%

The new study release data also finds that certain sites are being used the most by total European physicians:

In addition to the measurement of professional and non-professional social media usage, The Sources & Interactions 2019 International Edition study captures physicians’ digital and traditional media consumption, technology adoption, and gathers insights into how to effectively engage and reach them. Topic areas measured include:

  • Sources of Information Importance & Frequency of Exposure
  • Publications 
  • Internet/Mobile Activities 
  • Physician Education 
  • Sales Representatives & Company Info 
  • Email Newsletters 
  • Advertising & Subscription Services 
  • Time Spent in Professional Activities

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