Examining patient profiles for the right ad prescription

Patient profiles are essential for effective marketing: they help determine the best media channels and aid in targeting the right group with the right message at the right time. This blog post from the MARS Consumer Health Study outlines a few examples of Psoriasis patient profiles and how they can be applied to healthcare marketing and messaging strategies.

The adult Psoriasis patient is more likely to be female, middle-aged, college-educated, and a heavy user of traditional media channels:

Psoriasis Patient 

Among the 5.8 million diagnosed with Psoriasis, there are many different profiles. Let’s take a look at how the average patient compares by gender:

Psoriasis Male vs Female 

While both patient groups are professionally diagnosed, females spend twice as much time online and value in-person support groups. A digital campaign focusing on patient-to-patient connectivity may be effective. An advertiser or healthcare marketer trying to reach the male Psoriasis patient might consider a prescription medication ad on television due to the value this group places on TV programs and their preference for Rx medications.

How about the social Psoriasis patient?

Compared to the average Psoriasis patient, Female Psoriasis sufferers that have posted on social media in the past month are 52% more likely to have used health-related apps on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Additionally, they are 16% more likely to agree they’d rather download an app than look for health-related information on a website:

Psoriasis social mobile use 

To learn more about the MARS Consumer Health study, patient groups, treatment, media usage, health attitudes, behaviors and much more please stay tuned for our next blog post or contact us directly for additional information.

About the study

Kantar Media’s MARS Consumer Health Study is a trusted information source for reaching different patient groups and uncovering deep consumer insights. It provides stable and reliable media and healthcare data that is projectable to the U.S. population to better meet the needs of agencies, marketers, healthcare facilities, insurers and media companies. The study contains detailed information among U.S. adults including online and offline media usage for 100+ consumer magazines, newspapers and health-related publications as well as TV, radio, and internet usage.

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