Export media planning data from SRDS

Don’t even think about rekeying that data. Now you can view multimedia options and take them with you, with SRDS’ new reports-building functionality. The new SRDS Reports feature lets you select titles, view them side-by-side, organize, sort, print and output key planning data.


Whether you’re doing a quick title search or broader research, you can add titles to your consideration set from the detailed listing or right from the results page, saving precious time. An at-a-glance view of all your tagged titles is always available (think shopping cart). 


Once you’re tagged up, go to your Reports area to evaluate all the media selections you’ve made. Compare your titles in a Grid view—you won’t be disappointed!


Just want a handy print out of your consideration set? No problem.

Download Contact Information

Download a Contact Report for any and all titles you’ve selected across the SRDS database. Just one keystroke generates a file you can sort, filter, append and customize to your liking in spreadsheet programs such as Excel.

Contact information includes (where available):

  • Media title and type
  • Owner name
  • Classification or market area
  • Address, phone, fax and email
  • Media kit URL and corporate URL

Download Detailed Data

More data, you say? In addition to contact information, Detailed Reports provide you with, well, more details. Detailed Reports are available when viewing a single media type, allowing you to take a deep dive into the planning data for that specific media type.

Fields included in a Detailed Report depend on the media type selected:

  • Print: rates, circulation, frequency, rate base and bleed information
  • Broadcast: network affiliations and key personnel and traffic information
  • Digital: Unique Visitors from Compete.com
  • Direct Marketing: list universes and base rates

Reports Tip: Don't forget  the icing on the cake. You can always copy and paste media images and logos in your reports to provide extra insight and interest.

We'll show you how easy it all is in less than 5 minutes with this video, or you can download a sample Contact Report or Detailed Report.


Better yet, sign in to SRDS now and start tagging media for yourself!

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