Facebook lead ads

Facebook ads

Last month we featured a post on Facebook Instant Articles and how they could potentially change the media landscape. Now another Facebook addition is in the news again, this time it involves online marketing leads.

Currently the social network is testing a new mobile ad format called "lead ads" that marketers can use to ask users to sign up for newsletters, price estimates, etc. Nothing new, right? Well at first glance these may seem like the types of forms marketers already feature on their own sites. However, Facebook feels there's potential for enhancement by molding those forms into their platform, and they could be right. The test forms will auto-fill based on information from the user's profile, which could include everything from name and email address to company name and job title. In addition to the auto-populating info, advertisers will also be able to include a maximum of three drop-down menus to gather other information, such as areas of interest or how often they'd like to be contacted. Facebook users will also be allowed to edit any information before it's sent off to marketers. 

This change comes after Facebook started allowing advertisers the ability to measure how Facebook ads influenced their sales earlier this year. Representatives for Facebook still have not commented on when they plan to release the lead ads as an official product.

To read more on this topic, check out the AdAge post here.


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