Finding new clients for your law practice

Time and time again we’ve heard from local and regional law offices who have found effective ways of marketing and capturing new clients by using the SRDS Direct Marketing List Source®.

The 40/40/20 Rule of Direct-Mail Marketing states that 40% of your direct-marketing efforts should be spent on reaching the correct audience. SRDS’s enhanced search options for direct-to-consumer marketing lists makes this easy – even if you’d rather spend your time serving your clients rather than tracking down new ones.

While SRDS doesn't sell lists directly, we do have an extensive database with over 70,000 domestic and international lists for you to find and objectively evaluate your options. This resource allows for extremely effective targeting for law offices looking to make a push on direct marketing efforts. 

Do list research independently to better understand every available option, and search for lists that focus on your legal specialty by searching with a wide variety of parameters.

Filter your options by:

  • Media type (lists or insert media)
  • Keywords
  • Titles
  • Business or consumer market classifications
  • List type and selects

SRDS is used and trusted by list brokers and managers throughout the industry. Of course, it isn’t just for list professionals: it’s perfect for service professionals trying to take their business to the next level. And you can start using it today – just click here to learn more and subscribe.

If you’d rather keep an eye on new lists as they are added to the database, sign up to receive "Today's New Lists" – a free daily e-newsletter to alert you to new business and consumer lists added to our database. 

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