Finding new lists in the SRDS direct marketing database

As seasoned direct marketing users know, the SRDS Direct Marketing database is updated very frequently—new lists are added, old lists deleted, and lists change hands on a daily basis. You also know how important it can be to learn about new lists as soon as they are available.

To help you navigate this rapidly changing direct marketing world, the SRDS Direct Marketing database includes a "New Lists" tabgiving you the ability to quickly view lists that are brand new (or have changed hands) within the last 30 days.

From within the Direct Marketing database, click the "New Lists" tab, then narrow by type of list to see what is new in your area of interest:

  • Domestic Business Lists
  • Domestic Consumer Lists
  • Canadian Lists
  • International Business Lists
  • International Consumer Lists
  • Business Insert Media
  • Consumer Insert Media

Note: If you're particularly interested in "what's new" in direct marketing, you're probably attending the DMA show in Las Vegas later this month. We'll be there too! Stop by booth #317 and introduce yourself; we'd love to say hi!

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