Finding total circulation for Newspaper branded editions

Last Thursday I sat-in on an excellent NAA/ABC webinar on branded editions that appear on ABC statements. For those not familiar with the concept, ABC defines branded editions as "Extensions of member newspapers that allow new audience segments that may not be traditionally delivered." 

I consider branded editions as terrific advertising opportunities, but they can be confusing since a specific branded edition can appear on several ABC primary statements. This makes the total circulation hard to track down.

Take, for example, Impacto USA in sunny Long Beach, California.  Impacto USA appears as a branded edition on four separate ABC primary statements. 

SRDS to the rescue! 

In the SRDS Newspaper Media database, the listing for Impacto USA gives youeverything you need in one place: the titles of the four ABC papers, the circulation for each of the papers, and the total circulation. 

Simple and all in one place. We love making your life planning media easier!

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