Folio salutes media innovation tradition and tennis at the 2015 US Open with SRDS

Last week Folio Vice President and author Tony Silber continued a 14-year tradition by gathering at the U.S. Open to share ideas on the media industry. SRDS President Steve Davis and Account Manager Michael Forgash hosted Silber and Ted Bahr, CEO and co-founder of BZ Media. 

US Open SRDS Tony Silber Steve Davis

Left to Right: Tony Silber, Michael Forgash, Steve Davis, Ted Bahr


The goal was to challenge one another with fresh perspectives for the purpose of growth. Silber published an account of the day on Folio where he draws parallels between media advances and recent enhancements to the U.S. Tennis Center’s Arthur Ashe Stadium. In the process he walks through the history and evolution of SRDS, discussing the shift from print directories to an online database and beyond. Readers might also notice a few hints about what SRDS has in store for publishers in the future.Overall, this social and professional outing served as a great learning experience for everyone. And there was some great tennis on display as well.   


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