Friday Flashback: 1937 "Business Paper Section"

We weren't kidding when we mentioned a couple weeks ago that we've been around for awhile. Below is a cover from our business-to-business media product from January 1937.

Things sure were different 75 years ago...

Standard Rate & Data Service Business Paper Section January 1937

Back then there were 12 SRDS industry classifications; today we organize b-to-b media into more than 190 market classifications.

Back then, we collected info on just business publication advertising. Today, our Business Media Advertising Source includes:

  • 9,000+ print media listings
  • 5,000+ digital media listings
  • 25,000+ direct marketing lists
  • 60+ media brands with iPad and tablet apps at the SRDS Tablet Media Library

I wonder what media information we'll provide you in 2087?

Have a terrific weekend, friends!

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