FSI 2017 Highlights

As we move into 2018, and consumers continue to become increasingly reliant on all things digital and mobile, what will happen to the Free-Standing Insert (FSI)? Are there trends that indicate where the FSI is going? Kantar Media captures, categorizes, and delivers the fastest, most comprehensive view of brand advertising and promotional activity across media, including FSIs. The start of the New Year is the perfect time to look back at the past twelve months and explore some high level insights we found across the FSI landscape.

Non-Food products drive promotions

In 2017, 274 billion coupons were distributed across 166 billion pages of FSI. Non-Food products continue to dominate FSI, a trend we have seen for nine years. Indeed, Non-Food products now hold 72 percent of coupon activity – up from 64 percent five years ago. These distribution increases from Non-Food FSIs have offset recent distribution declines from Food products.

FSI Non-Food 

Big value increases = big consumer savings

Face Values from FSIs have been on a steady upward trend over the last five years. Overall, Face Values are up 22 percent versus 2013. While coupon activity was mostly influenced by Non-Food, Face Value increases were seen in both Food and Non-Food. Overall, coupons distributed offered a total of $545 billion dollars in incentives for consumers.

Digging a little bit deeper we found that Personal Care and Health Care products had the largest increases in Non-Food coupon activity. Combination Personal Care (products with a line that stretches across multiple merchandise types such as deodorant, body wash, lotion, etc.) led FSI coupon activity, followed by the Cold/Cough/Sinus/Allergy category.

Health Care led the pack when it came to Face Value increases, jumping from $2.67 to $2.93 (average weighted by coupon distribution). Not to be outdone, Household Products also increased $0.14, the highest growth compared to 2016 across all areas. In Food, Face Values for Shelf Stable Beverages increased 5% to $1.34.

FSI Spend Trends

A crucial tactic for new products

Despite declining distribution in Food, FSIs still remain a fundamental part of Promotion, especially when introducing a new product to the market. Indeed, 65 percent of FSI activity for new product introductions in 2017 were from Food products. Of the top 25 categories with the most new product introductions, 15 were Food including Snacks and Cereals which topped the list.

While there have been changes across the FSI landscape, it continues to be a powerful tool to pull out of the box for Promotion. In late February, Kantar Media will host a webinar covering the entire Print promotion landscape in more detail, along with trends in Digital, Mobile and other key areas of Promotion. Registration information will be coming soon – we hope you can join us!

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