Generational Series Part 2: Allergy Sufferers Have Different Responses to Healthcare Advertising

In part two of our three-part series, we focus on how generational differences may impact various patient groups (in this case allergy sufferers) and their responses to healthcare advertising. Part one of the series can be viewed here.

According to Kantar Media’s 2016 MARS Consumer Health Study, there are some key generational differences among U.S. adults who have experienced allergies in the past year in terms of where they report seeing healthcare advertising. While the majority of all allergy sufferers recall seeing healthcare ads on television or in a doctor’s office in the last 12 months, Baby Boomers are far more likely to see ads in newspapers while Millennials report hearing healthcare ads on radio more than the other generation groups.

Actions taken after seeing healthcare advertising

Depending on their age cohort, allergy sufferers take different actions after seeing healthcare advertising. Due to their age, Baby Boomers are generally more apt to take action after exposure to health-related advertising. Specifically, they are more likely to search online, refill a prescription or discuss an ad with their doctor.

Attitudes toward pharmaceutical advertising

In general, younger allergy sufferers are more likely to agree that pharma ads are trustworthy, but Baby Boomers find them informative.

Allergy Sufferers 

Kantar Media’s 2016 MARS Consumer Health Study is a trusted information source for reaching different patient groups and uncovering deep consumer insights. It provides stable and reliable media and healthcare data that is projectable to the U.S. population to better meet the needs of agencies, marketers, healthcare facilities, insurers and media companies. The study contains detailed information among U.S. adults including online and offline media usage for 100+ consumer magazines, newspapers and health-related publications as well as TV, radio, and internet usage.

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