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We are thrilled to announce the availability of new private marketplace programmatic inventory in the digital database thanks to our good friends at bRealTime.

bRealTime, the programmatic arm of CPXi has more than a decade of experience optimizing the digital media and advertising ecosystem.

bRealTime gives its agency and advertiser clients access to industry leading ad serving technology (and integration with virtually every ad serving platform), direct relationships with hundreds of quality bRealTime Select publishers, and significant expertise in inventory optimization.

bRealTime adds a new definition to the programmatic field, referring to its model as "preferred programmatic," and defining it as "a view of programmatic media in which the needs of both buy and sell sides are balanced to develop a mutually beneficial ecosystem." Quoting from bRealTime:

For advertisers, the story is similar: clear inventory transparency (including cost and position on the page) so they can make informed buying decisions and exceed the results they expect. Preferred programmatic must be about removing the distinction between technology and service in order to create a preferred way of doing business. On the viewability front, a bRealTime representative suggests that buyers can expect benchmarks well over 70%, thanks in part to bRealTime's highly engaging custom ad units.

For agency and brand users, the benefits of working with bRealTime’s “preferred programmatic” model can be summed up as follows:

  • Quality, Brand Safe Inventory
  • High Viewability
  • 100% Domain Transparency
  • Custom Targeting Options
  • Direct Relationships / Site Direct
  • Custom Ad Units Available
  • Packages with Custom Data Sets
  • Global Reach and Scale

Once you find publisher inventory and submit an RFP to bRealTime from within, representatives from bRealTime promise you "rapid response, lots of attention" and the ability to take on as much or as little of the process as you need.

To learn more about bRealTime and bRealTime Select publishers, visit their site here.

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