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As you probably know, we’re launching a programmatic initiative in, where we will be publishing programmatic guaranteed-direct and private marketplace inventory from various third-party buy-channels, such as SSPs and other vendors that facilitate the automated buying of premium publisher inventory. One of those guaranteed direct platforms is BuySellAds. Today on the blog, we’d like to share an introduction to BuySellAds, including specifics around the platform and what makes it unique. Thanks to Todd Garland, BuySellAds Founder, for speaking with us.

BuySellAds is an advertising technology platform that hand-picks publishers who are then able to list, sell and define pricing for their guaranteed digital ad inventory and advertisers can in turn buy that inventory directly from publishers. The company’s mission is to enable the on-demand purchase of relevant audiences by the world’s leading brands. BuySellAds has been doing what’s now being called “programmatic direct” or “automated guaranteed” since 2008; but, unlike new players, sells over 6 billion ad impressions a month.

BuySellAds is a fully-automated, self-serve interface for guaranteed direct buying. There's no bidding. Once an advertiser purchases space, it's his or hers as long as they would like it. Advertisers can then access real-time stats, schedule reports and track performance by creative and site through BuySellAds. Billing is consolidated as advertisers can pay all publishers with the same payment method.

One of BuySellAds’ unique differentiators is that it focuses on indie sites and e-publishers. Buyers will be able to find specific and targeted audiences that tend to be harder to uncover. Further, there are many publishers listed on BuySellAds that exclusively sell their inventory through the platform, meaning buyers can’t purchase inventory from those publishers anywhere else. Examples of publishers listed on BuySellAds are, and

There are almost 2,000 websites listed on BuySellAds and all publisher pricing is public, which isn’t always the case for other guaranteed direct platforms. BuySellAds aims to offer a great deal of transparency to advertisers as they can see pricing for every ad zone, a publisher’s available inventory, how long BuySellAds has worked with the publisher and where each ad appears on their site. As expected, advertisers must register to purchase inventory.

There are over 3,000 active advertisers using BuySellAds each month, running the gambit from advertisers only interested in buying on five sites and spending $1,000 a month, to very large advertisers, like Adobe or Barnes and Noble, who run extensive campaigns with 30-40 publishers at a time. Currently, there are more marketers than agencies using BuySellAds, which may be attributed to the proliferation of indie publishers listed. Conversely, BuySellAds does work with a number of major agencies, including Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Starcom MediaVest Group, Kepler Group and Razorfish.

While publisher pricing varies among the players in guaranteed direct, the prices you’ll find on BuySellAds may be lower CPMs than what you’ll find offered by that same publisher in another platform, but according to Todd Garland, Founder of BuySellAds, the prices you’ll see on BuySellAds tend to be what that inventory is actually sold for because it’s the price everybody pays due to the transparency BuySellAds brings to the table. Users also have the ability to negotiate pricing with the publishers directly for custom ad units and custom targeting combinations. Further, publishers have the ability to provide advertisers with "coupon codes" to apply discounts at the time of purchase.

BuySellAds also offers geo-targeting and scheduling for listed CPM inventory. Planners and buyers will be able to target their ads by country and select the starting and ending dates for a particular campaign and placement. Currently, when an advertiser buys inventory and the creative is approved by the publisher, the ad is live on the website soon after.

Todd considers BuySellAds to be less programmatic than other platforms in the sense that the company isn’t just focused on building “yet another” ad tech company and is working to enable the proliferation of quality content matched with quality brands across the web. Additionally, the company is exploring how to automate the exchange of sponsored content and is looking to partner with a third-party soon to roll in that inventory to BuySellAds.

To find out more about BuySellAds, click here.

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