Get to know...MNIx

We are thrilled to announce that private marketplace programmatic inventory from MNIx is now available in the SRDS Digital Media database.

MNIx logoMNIx is the programmatic ad buying solution from MNI Targeted Media Inc, a Time Inc. Company, that builds on 40+ years of targeting expertise—including a decade in digital—to work closely with brands and agencies to identify their best audiences and deliver them without waste.

With inventory access to approximately 99% of U.S. online audiences, curated third-party research and proprietary first-party data, MNIx can deliver over 30 types of targeting, from broad affinity groups like finance or family, to highly specific niche audiences, geo-targeting, weather targeting, and more.

MNIx combines the power of big data with the expertise of comScore-certified research, and a digital media planning and buying team that ensures efficient, optimized and brand-appropriate campaigns. MNI representatives work closely with clients from initial planning and architecting of the buy all the way through implementation, analytics, and optimization.

MNI Targeted Media Inc. delivers more than a billion ad impressions to over 1,200 clients every year. Learn more about how MNIx makes it easy to harness the power of programmatic ad buying here.

You can explore MNIx packages by logging in to today. After selecting an MNIx package in and sending an RFP, a buyer representative will work with you to complete your deal.

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