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Rubicon Project is an advertising technology company focused on automating the buying and selling of advertising. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Rubicon Project has engineered one of the largest real-time cloud and big data computing systems, processing trillions of transactions within milliseconds every month. In April 2014, the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange, trading under the ticker RUBI.

Rubicon Project offers advertising automation solutions to both buyers and sellers. The company’s Advertising Automation Cloud brings both parties together on a technology platform that self-optimizes based on its ability to analyze and learn from vast volumes of data. The Automation Cloud uses more than 50,000 algorithms to execute real-time transactions. The platform is used by the world’s leading publishers and mobile application developers to transact with hundreds of buying platforms and tens of thousands of advertisers globally.

Rubicon Project’s Buyer Cloud

Rubicon Project offers buyers both an open “unified” auction environment and private marketplace services (via its “Orders” platform). The company’s Buyer Cloud unlocks available audiences for advertisers’ campaigns across a broad network of websites and mobile apps. Buyers can discover and buy via direct orders and real-time auctions quickly and easily. They can deploy engaging ad formats to reach users across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices and target consumers at scale on content that reinforces their marketing messages.

Buyer Cloud Orders
Rubicon Project’s Orders platform automates the buying of direct order inventory, and supports the creation of automated private marketplaces. It has been adopted by more than 270 publishers and most major agency trading desks (3,500+ premium advertisers).

The main value proposition behind the Buyer Cloud Orders platform is automation. The platform specifically addresses the time-consuming direct deal process between buyers and sellers of digital advertising, for both non-guaranteed and guaranteed direct orders. Rubicon Project also streamlines the negotiation between parties, eliminating the need for phone calls, emails and faxes. Further, agreements between buyers and sellers are automatically executed in real-time bidding using Deal IDs.

Using the platform, buyers also benefit from access to exclusive advertising opportunities. The proposal creation process is extremely intuitive and buyers save time through automated digital RFPs. Using the platform, buyers can discover highly relevant inventory and also conduct searches by price, bids & impressions, ad type, ad size, content, audience demographics, platform, operating system, location, keywords, etc. to find exactly what they need for the campaign.


To demonstrate the value proposition to buyers, Rubicon Project’s team shared a brief case study highlighting a leading digital media provider.

Background: The client is a provider of premium internet media available to viewers around the world. They have tens of millions of subscribers.

Goals: The client wanted to have “always-on” access to targeted, high quality inventory to advertise their newest content as well as be able to reallocate FTE hours to higher ROI activities – like creating better content.

Solution: Rubicon Project helped by working with the client to create a private marketplace of 20+ hand-selected premium publishers that the client could access at any time, as needed. Rubicon also assisted by enabling the client’s team to discover, negotiate and execute buys in under two days’ time and eliminating the need for insertion orders (IO), emails, RFPs and phone calls back and forth.

Results: The client achieved 100% of its goals programmatically. The client also re-dedicated FTE hours to higher ROI activities. Further, Rubicon Project proved its ability to deliver a real-time, “always-on” private marketplace.

Rubicon Project’s Seller Cloud

Rubicon Project’s Seller Cloud makes it easy for media sellers to optimize revenue for each of their impressions across all screens. Through the platform, sellers can realize greater yield through pricing algorithms and bid landscape analytics. They can also create mobile ad formats optimized for tablets and smartphones and make their inventory easier to package, discover and sell via direct orders and auctions. The platform also provides sellers with access to hundreds buying platforms and the world’s top advertiser brands.

The company’s Seller Cloud Orders platform automates the sale of direct order inventory and supports the creation of private marketplaces. Currently, Rubicon Project powers the private marketplaces for many premium publishers around the world, including The Wall Street Journal, Danish Publisher Network and AutoTrader. Sellers benefit from the ability to create custom inventory packages, a more simplified deal approval process, an easy way to include first party data as well as the ability to respond to buyers’ digital RFPs in real time.

Seller Cloud Orders

Rubicon Project’s Orders platform makes it very easy for sellers to package and merchandise their inventory – and for buyers to discover and buy it – for both non-guaranteed and guaranteed direct orders. It has extensive reach and scale, serving more than 3,500 buyers representing tens of thousands of advertisers. The platform has also sustained year-over-year growth of about 175%, which assures buyers that it is one of the most robust marketplaces available.

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