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As you probably know, we’re launching a programmatic initiative in where we will be publishing guaranteed and private marketplace inventory from various third-party buy-channels. This initiative will facilitate the automated buying of premium inventory by media buyers and brand planners. One of those programmatic direct partners is Shiny Ads. For today’s blog post, we talked to Roy Pereira, Shiny Ads CEO, about what makes Shiny Ads unique.

Shiny Ads provides an end-to-end programmatic direct advertising platform that automates the buying and selling of premium guaranteed inventory to increase efficiencies, decrease costs and speed time-to-market. The platform enables agencies and advertisers to purchase guaranteed inventory more efficiently on brand-safe sites.

The Shiny Ads Direct Connect solution automates the entire ad buying process for publishers, agencies, and advertisers from inventory discovery, insertion order creation and payment processing. It offers an immense amount of flexibility so advertisers can select and review a publisher’s inventory, pricing information, dates, impressions and targeting options.

The available targeting options include geography, 3rd party data, type of inventory (mobile, video or desktop), and are dependent on the publisher. For example, Taunton Press, which manages allows buyers to target by “food ingredient,” so that an ad will only be shown on recipes that have that ingredient.

Shiny Ads currently works with over 40+ comScore 1000 publishers, including Trip Advisor, CBS Interactive, Internet Brands and The company prides itself on helping these publishers, and many more, through its industry leading programmatic direct advertising technology but also by providing new demand through integrations with companies like Kantar Media.

Thousands of buyers have used Shiny Ads, but Roy and team continually look for new ways to make it even easier and more efficient for ad buyers to reach their audience. To find out more about Shiny Ads, click here.

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