Habits of physicians posting for professional purposes

In previous posts we've uncovered some some specific insights about physicians and their professional social network usage. When it comes to posting on social media in a professional capacity, there are certain trends we can notice. We know that a doctor sharing an article is much more likely to be embracing new medical technology or drugs.

 What does this mean for advertisers? Well, potentially you as an advertiser should establish more of a presence on professional networks. 58% of physicians that write/post on social networks for professional purposes choose to write/post on professional social networks vs. consumer or medical association social networks.One of the trends we're noticing is that professional social networks are surpassing other platforms in terms of popularity and content shared. Our study results show that

 The fact is that medical professionals using professional social media are among the most receptive to new pharmaceuticals and you don't want to miss out on that group.67% of respondents are saying they prefer to adopt drugs as soon as they are released or after a few others have tried it successfully.Is social media advertising part of your media plan? It should be: Physicians that write/post on social networks for professional purposes are more likely to be new drug adopters.Sources & Interactions™ StudyIf you sell new pharmaceuticals to doctors, there's definitely some good news from the March 2015 edition of the 

It's clearly evident that social media needs to be a tool you utilize to reach the newest drug adopters. 10 percentage points higher than the total physician population that see sales reps. 83% of them say they see sales reps—Sales teams should embrace these findings as well. Among this demographic using social media, 

 is a detailed examination of doctors’ online and mobile activities, e-detailing experience, and exposure to (and evaluation of) information sources including traditional and emerging media, pharma reps, CME, convention and more. The study is conducted every six months and targets more than 3,000 physicians annually across 22 specialties, exploring their media preferences and habits. Sources & Interactions was designed to help marketers and their agencies cost-effectively allocate resources to their overall promotional mix, and provide publishers with specific insight about where their offerings fit into physicians (and other healthcare professionals’) information inventory.The Sources & Interactions™ Study

. We study physician media behaviors and preferences annually across 22 specialties. let us knowIf you need specialty-specific data, 

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