Health and wellness research goes digital, but differs by device

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When it comes to looking up information related to one’s health or ailments, it’s all about digital. Almost all adults (92%) use a desktop/laptop for health research, according to Kantar Media’s 2014 MARS Online Behavior Study. When it comes to devices on the go, 51% use smartphones and 34% use tablets for health research. Understandably, a much smaller percentage (3%) use an e-reader for health research.

The activities they are doing related to health research vary by device. For example, smartphone users are 68% more likely to have used their device to look for a doctor. Tablet users are 163% more likely to have used their device to look for information on a health condition.

The study also found that use of health-related apps/websites varies by mobile device. Adults are more likely to look up symptoms on their phone and find pharmacies on tablet. Further they are more likely to use exercise and fitness apps on their smartphones and drug cost estimator/calculators on tablets.

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The MARS Online Behavior Study helps the industry make better decisions about how to incorporate online into pharmaceutical and OTC marketing strategies. The MARS Online Behavior Study is fielded as a re-contact among the MARS Core respondents who said they accessed the Internet in the last 30 days.

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