Health apps/mobile devices in 2015 MARS consumer health study

An exciting change to the MARS Consumer Health Study in 2015 is that it’s now been updated to gather info on how consumers use health-related mobile apps. The rise of mobile is well upon us and Kantar Media has taken some forward-thinking actions to make sure you know how to market to these tech-savvy consumers.

Every industry embraces the mobile platform at a different pace, and some are quicker to catch on than others. We can illustrate that by showing the top 3 health-related apps respondents used in the past 6 months. Learn how your patients use smartphones and tablets to advance your mobile strategy.

health apps and wearables


What are the top 3 health-related apps used on mobile devices in last 6 months?

  • Exercise/Fitness
  • Calorie Counter/Diet Tracker
  • Nutrition/Healthy Recipes

This mobile data is the latest insight in a very large mix of what the 2015 Consumer Health Study can bring to you. To explore all of the study content and download study materials go to

The 2015 MARS Consumer Health Study is the only dedicated, syndicated research in the healthcare industry that ties ailments, pharma brands, attitudes about healthcare and many other data points to consumers’ media consumption habits.

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