High level findings on new conditions in Kantar Media's MARS otc/dtc study

There were more than a few questions and content updates to this year’s  MARS OTC/DTC Study . Based on client input, diabetic nerve/pain and low testosterone were added to the list of  more than 70 health conditions . Further, “anaphylaxis/severe allergy” was added as a health condition for family members. Other additions include a new question around cancer and chewing tobacco as a new choice for how you smoke.

Here are three interesting findings related to these updates.

  1. There are 4.8 million adults suffering from diabetic/nerve pain in the U.S. About 42% are treating this condition with a prescription medication and they are 78% more likely to be African American.
  2. There are 4.3 million adults who claim they suffer from low testosterone in the U.S., but only about 2 out of 3 (2.7 million)  have been diagnosed by a physician, the remaining 1/3 are self-diagnosed. Almost all (91%) are males over the age of 65.
  3. There are 3.3 million adults who say they have a family member suffering from anaphylaxis/severe allergy. About 79% are adults and 25% are children or teenagers.

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Kantar Media’s MARS OTC/DTC Study helps agencies, marketers and media make better healthcare media and marketing decisions. It ties multimedia consumption to medical ailments, pharma brands, attitudes and opinions about healthcare and many other data points. A large sample of about 20,000 respondents provides stable and reliable information across categories and brands. Gain insights into category and product usage for 500+ OTC and Rx remedies, detailed information for 70 health conditions, including treatment options and much more.

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