How do you prevent your marketing efforts from becoming junk mail?

According to the 40/40/20 Rule of Direct-Mail Marketing, 40% of your efforts should be spent on reaching the correct audience. As a marketer this rule seems more than fair, but putting it into practice can be easier said than done.

The right mailing list can be harder to come by than you might think. Most marketers take a gamble when selecting lists without even realizing it, but it shows in their ROI. The reason for this is haphazard list searches that don't truly represent the right audiences for their products or services. If you're at all familiar with the world of direct-to-consumer marketing, you know that there's a lot of lists to look through and different players looking to take a cut. How do you sift through the clutter to find the right list? How do you prevent your marketing efforts from becoming junk mail? 

You may already know that Kantar Media's does not sell lists for direct marketing, but we can help you cover the major blind spot that is finding the most appropriate list and showing you how to buy. The SRDS Direct Marketing List Source® allows you to make the most educated choices when evaluating your direct marketing options. We power informed decisions by allowing marketers to objectively find, consider and understand over 70,000 lists by price, universe, selections and more. 

Here's what you'll get from the SRDS Direct Marketing List Source®
  • 70,000+ list rental opportunities (US and International)
  • 900+ insert media
  • All standardized and organized into 230 consumer and business market classifications

The lists you select have a direct impact on the success of your marketing campaign, so why take a chance on one that might not be right for your business? Uncover all of your options and make choices to grow your business. Sign up for our free "Today's New Lists" newsletter to see how we are adding new and relevant marketing lists every day.  

For more information on SRDS Direct Marketing List Source®, contact Andrea Cumberbatch at 646.895.8420 or click here to get started.

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