How to cut your manual entry time in half when working with media data

I've been really busy walking users through the new report function on the site. One user (very nicely) asked, "What's the big deal?"

His colleague actually jumped in to answer the question before I could. Here's the gist of his answer:

Reports launched back in late June.Shortly before that, the one user had a project where he had to go into a market—say St. Louis—and pull all newspapers for the market, along with some topline information on the papers, including total circulation. Guess how he compiled this before reports were available? Manually! Guess how long it took? Hours!Now, in only a couple of minutes you can create a detailed report with all of the papers in the selected DMA. That's the big deal about reports.

Even if you just use the reports as the starting point for whatever you need to create, that alone is a huge time saver. Not having to enter the name, addresss, URL, and other topline information can cut your manual entry time more than in half.

So if you haven't checked reports out, take a look at this video tutorial or call me and we can go through it together:


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